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Already at an early age, I discovered my enthusiasm for web design, both in terms of the creative and technical aspects. Even though I never had the desire to become a full-time web designer, there have been always opportunities to live out web design as a passionate hobby. Starting with the first private fan pages, to the school website, later websites of the work departments, of conferences as well as smaller projects here and there...

Below you will find a small selection of different websites designed and programmed by sp design:

ABI 2004 - Lernst du noch oder lebst du schon? ABI 2004 - Lernst du noch oder lebst du schon?
Die Website des Abiturjahrgangs 2004 des Walter-Gropius-Gymnasiums Dessau
Walter-Gropius-Gymnasium Dessau
Ehemaligen Website des Gymnasiums "Walter Gropius" Dessau (archivierte Version aus dem Jahr 2004)
Walter-Gropius-Gymnasium Dessau
Soft Matter Physics Division - University of Leipzig Soft Matter Physics Division
Die offizielle Website der Abteilung "Physik der weichen Materie" an der Universität Leipzig
Physics of Cancer
Die offizielle Website zur Fachtagung "Physics of Cancer", welche jährlich an der Universität Leipzig stattfindet
Physics of Cancer - Annual Symposium
Fan-Website zur TV-Serie "James Cameron's Dark Angel" mit Jessica Alba und Michael Weatherly
People · Moments · Memories
A Photographic Retrospective of 9 Years Käslab (2008 – 2017)
People · Moments · Memories